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They say charity begins at home which rings true at Hopinol Skopinol™ – our brand for children’s resources and games produced by Something Me Books.

As parents and caregivers, we send our children to school to learn and grow into the best versions of themselves. But sometimes we underestimate the importance of starting and encouraging their education from an early age.

Engagement in various home-based activities with your little ones will perfectly prepare them for kindergarten and school. Give them the confidence boost that star students possess ever so naturally.

Our Founding Story: Hopinol Skopinol was created in 2020 out of the newfound challenges faced by so many families globally. Without warning, coronavirus pulled the rug from under our feet, leaving families to keep their children educated, entertained, and motivated to want to learn. Where was one to start? How was one to deal with home-schooling and staying safe? What was the best choice to make for one’s child while trying to maintain a stable learning environment? How was one to work around a disrupted schedule on top of a thousand-and-one other responsibilities?

Out of this worldwide dilemma, the development of various educational materials was put into motion. Our storybooks, games, and fun worksheets assist in making early learning and home-schooling a breeze for you and your child. Our products are fun and enjoyable, with much thought and effort put into curating materials for your little one’s advancement.

When In Doubt Ask The Children: Our brand name’s fun and playful nature is a true reflection of the free-spirited art of play that children embody. From their innocence to their creative imaginations, children can piece together answers that we as adults would spend days racking our brains on.

And the story goes that we could not quite put a finger on a perfect brand name for our children’s game brand, until an 8-year-old Zandile sweetly answered, without hesitation, as if this name had been waiting for years to be blurted out… “How about Hopinol Skopinol? But I don’t know how to spell it.” From this stroke of thoughtless genius, the brand name was coined and trademarked. They say the rest is history.

We Are All About Fun-Based Learning

Our model: Build a love for learning by making it fun. A fun-filled learning environment is essential, so we aim to entertain, educate, and keep your child positively engaged using our products. We strive to nurture core principles early on in your child’s development to equip and enable your child to become an independent adult.

Our objectives: Enable kids to continue learning from home, provide parents and caregivers with helpful resources and alleviate the stress they are experiencing. Through playful, educational activities and engaging resources we aim to develop the habit of early and influential childhood learning through home-based activities.

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