Literacy Donor Program

Promoting the love of reading and writing in children

Literacy is the ability to read and write.


For people who can read and write, the range of possible professions is considerable and for those who cannot, the options are extremely limited. The ability to read and write provides access to social, economic, and political opportunities.

Literacy is a crucial part of a child’s early development as it helps support brain development, self-expression, and a desire for life-long learning. Understanding this and holding a soft spot for children and their education, we strive to promote literacy through a general love of reading and writing amongst children.


According to UNESCO, the global literacy rate is 87%, up from 12% in 1820.


In 1966, UNESCO declared September 8 as International Literacy Day.


Children can learn 4 000 to 12 000 new words a year just by reading books.


According to UNESCO, 250 million children are failing to acquire basic literacy skills.

Poverty and illiteracy tend to go together.

Education is often less available in poverty-stricken areas.

We are excited to partner with organisations that are passionate about giving their time and resources to increase literacy amongst children. It is only thanks to big hearts like yours who donate our books to children in various communities, are we able to contribute towards promoting literacy. Join us as we foster a culture of early reading and writing.

Become a part of our commitment to promote literacy

When you help donate books to children, you get to share in your love of reading, knowledge and, you help encourage a child’s imagination.

Bring joy, laughter, mystery and a fantastic sense of adventure, all the while knowing you are broadening a child’s world and setting an excellent foundation for their future.

Promoting literacy in children

Together we are making a difference

Together we are unstoppable

We are excited to partner with the following organisations:


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To find out more about how you can help donate books and join our one-time or recurring donation community that is committed to cultivating literacy amongst children, email us.

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