African Animal Alphabet (with fun facts)



Encounter 26 alluring animals, each sharing its unique tale.

A Fun Alphabet Book suitable for children aged 3-8
Suitable for Pre-school Alphabet Education

A beautifully illustrated book that makes learning the alphabet so much fun.

Designed to encourage early reading.

5 Cool Things About this Alphabet Learning Adventure Book:

  • Provides an early introduction to learning the alphabet.
  • It aims to encourage early reading.
  • Includes catchy kids’ rhymes that will entertaineducate, and promote languagein a fun way.
  • It has eye-catchingcolourful, and attention-grabbing animal illustrations.
  • Provides a fantastic way to introduce children to various African animals for kids to learn about, including some extinct animals.
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Recommended Age:  3 – 8

Genre: Children's Story Book (Audio Book)

Publication Date: October 2023

Publisher: Something Me Books

Format: 254mm x 203mm (Portrait)

Extent: 56 pages

Illustrations: Full-colour images

Binding: Softcover Gloss and Thread-sewn

ISBN: 978-0-620-92822-9

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  1. Hopinol Skopinol

    A good book for a school library.” Ex-publisher, aged 65

  2. Hopinol Skopinol

    ‘A superbly illustrated picturebook designed to help children understand the alphabet and get to know lots of African animals too. A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended!’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

  3. Hopinol Skopinol

    “I thought the author was very clever how she thought of an African animal for all the letters of the alphabet. I felt I learnt a lot reading this book. The person who did the drawings is AMAZING! I wish I could draw that good.” Girl, aged 7 – with a little help from mum

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