My Hopi Skopi Activity Book (1)


Kids love to have fun when learning. Make learning super fun for your little learner.

This book is full of stimulating assorted activities that are practical, effective, and easy to understand. The manner in which activities are presented makes teaching and learning a breeze—a sure way to keep your child busy for hours and engaged in productive activity.


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Recommended Age:  4 years +

Genre: Children’s Activity Book

Publication Date: September 2021

Publisher: Something Me Books

Format: 210 x 297mm (A4)

Extent: 128 pages

Illustrations: A mix of colour and black and white images

Binding: Softcover Gloss and Thread sewn

ISBN: 978-0- 62095-148-7

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  1. Jana L (verified owner)

    The HopiSkopi Activity Book is not only of superior quality but it delivers on offering educational activities for ages 3+. What I love most about it is that my 2 and a half year old can also relate to the book in a different way by identifying characters in the book, making animal sounds for each one and creating innovative play opportunities for us to enjoy with him! He especially loved the hoe-hoe Owl! I also recommend HopiSkopi’s Activity Book for kids aged older, as there are super fun certificates and pages dedicated to their number, street address etc. which is important for them to learn. I think what I love most is that the book delivers something for everyone and really makes learning fun.

  2. nashieta.marais786

    Both Ashaad (8yrs) and Saarah (4yrs) loved the HopiSkopi Activity book but with good reason, it kept them busy for hours on end and as a home schooler this activity book ticked off many of the days work, With many different activities like maths, patterns, that my 8yr old enjoyed and that he could do without my supervision.

    My 4 yr old enjoyed tracing, seeing different animals and learning about different colours.

    Learning through play has always been my approach as this aligns with us perfectly as a home schooling family, getting the kids stimulated through this fun activity book.
    The ages for this book are great as it offers different benefits to kids between the ages of 3 years and 8years, such a winner and will definitely be using this through out the holiday season.

  3. Dani

    For me, I personally despise homework but if we find a cute worksheet that’s simple and and aesthetically pleasing! I love the gentle academic worksheets with examples, answer keys and activities. My 6 year old has been struggling a bit with math so we use some of these worksheets for some extra practice at home. ⁣The only downside is I wish the sheets were perforated so that we could rip them out easily. I’m sure the workbook was designed for the page is not to be ripped out but for my boys they like the pages ripped out so they can work on one page individually not inside the book. overall though really cute and well thought out!

  4. Clarita Smit

    Oh my goodness, isn’t this to clever buy and so sweet too? When I got introduced to Hopiskopi the first thing I noticed was how colorful it is, I adore the illustrations! I love that they take our small little humans to an imagery world and in the same time teach some valuable lessons and they have awesome activities to keep them busy!
    It’s a great idea to take Hopiskopi on Holiday, or when driving far, cute present to fill up the Christmas stocking. I always love putting Hopiskopi in my handbag for when we go to a restaurant (nevermind the playground) we all can sit at the table as a family 😂

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