My Hopi Skopi Book of Times Tables


This is the PERFECT activity book to get your child learning times tables.

A solid knowledge of times tables is critical to building confidence in mathematics.

Includes activities such as:

  • Repeated additions and groupings
  • Arrays
  • Line Matching
  • Multiplication Wheels
  • Skip Counting
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Number Bonds
  • Mixed Activities (Art, Grid, Maze etc.)
  • Colouring

Also includes Multiplication Stories, Rhymes, Tips and Tricks!

  1. Your child will enjoy learning times tables with this easy-to-follow activity book.
  2. Use the activity pages to practice, review progress, and improve your child’s learning.
  3. Includes activities to encourage your child to think critically and form an understanding of numerical concepts.
  4. An excellent resource for home learning and perfect as a school holiday boredom buster!

An engaging book.

Children will learn and enjoy the process.

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Recommended Age:  7 - 11

Genre: Children's Activity Book

Publication Date: December 2023

Publisher: Something Me Books

Format: 210 x 297mm (A4)

Extent: 292 pages

Illustrations: A mix of colour and black and white images

Binding: Softcover Gloss and Thredsewn

ISBN: 978-0- 6397-6347-7

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