My Hopi Skopi Nursery Rhymes Colouring Book


The perfect 2-in-1 nursery rhymes and colouring book.

With so many different nursery rhymes to sing, it can be hard to remember them all. But, with My Hopi Skopi Nursery Rhyme Colouring Book, you will discover a fun, creative way to teach and help your child remember them.

Filled with over 20 nursery rhymes which come with a colouring section for your child to express their creativity. From Jack and Jill to Do-Re-Mi, sing along with your child to the original nursery tune, or find a new one together.

This book encourages kids to become authors and illustrators of their very own nursery rhymes by taking advantage of the free workspaces at the end of the book.

Nursery rhymes are repetitive and help kick-start the practice of listening and speaking – a great vocabulary booster that will assist children in developing an ear for language.

The ideal bite-sized learning opportunity to help build social skills and promote a sense of community as children have fun reciting and singing together.

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Recommended Age:  3 years +

Genre: Children’s Colouring Book

Publication Date: December 2022

Publisher: Something Me Books

Format: 210 x 297mm (A4)

Extent: 32 pages

Illustrations: A mix of colour and black and white images

Binding: Softcover Gloss and PUR Bound

ISBN: 978-0- 620-95149-4

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  1. Blessing

    Honestly I’m super impressed, my daughter was reading along as she was busy colouring, I love how she was so invested, this book is one of a kind and would recommend it over and over. My son still needs some pushing but I was happy to see him singing those songs and he actually loved that part the most.

  2. Danielle

    We absolutely love our Hopi Skopi 2-in-1 activity book! It’s ingenious! Colouring in and nursery rhymes are both such an important part of early learning and this superb-quality book has everything in one place. We would definitely recommend it for your children or as a gift.

  3. Chantal

    Creative kids ❣️

    This book was made for the boy’s. They were super focused on colouring in their favourite nursery rhymes pictures.
    Also rhyming together while they colouring in.

    This book also helped challenged them with identify the words they have seen already and not seen.
    I love the fact that it focuses on
    Training the brain to focus.
    Improve Hand and eye coordination
    Fine motor skills and hand strengthening
    Proper gribbing of the crayons. ( Boys are actually doing better with holding the crayons properly.)
    Improves focus and concentration also reduced stress and anxiety in little ones.

    I highly recommend the hopi skopi nursery rhymes colouring book great source of entertainment for the kids.

    This book is of good quality.
    Reasonably priced.

  4. Kallista

    Truly in love with our My Hopi Skopi Nursery Rhyme Colouring Book! This book includes a fantastic set of nursery rhyme colouring sheets and is great for introducing new nursery rhymes to toddlers and young kids. I honestly think that this is a brilliant idea for a colouring book and my son absolutely enjoys colouring time a little bit more. It certainly gets his creative juices flowing and keeps him entertained. Thank you Hopinol Skopinol for creating such a delightful colouring book containing many of the best loved nursery rhymes, we truly had loads of fun with this.

  5. Roeshqua Stevens

    We have been singing a lot lately🤭 Abdul Khaliq’s favourite nursery rhyme seems to be “twinkle little star”. Night and day singing and we also having lots of fun singing for Tasneem. She loves watching him sing his heart out 🤣

    Even though Abdul Khaliq cannot pronounce most of his words out fluently what I can say is that he definitely knows the lyrics and rhythm of twinkle little star which means he has been listening very well and memorising because of repetitive singing. As they start singing even while colouring he starts to dance making it just pure fun and giving both his sisters quite a show and a good laugh.

    @hopinolskopinol the new activity book is surely a fun activity and we will be keeping it for baby Tasneem🎉

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